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Anasura Yoga: Exercise and Therapy, All in One Stretch

Anasura Yoga, Abhaya studio

Anasura Yoga, Abhaya studio

We often get complacent and perhaps protective over our exercise regime, as if we created the technique. However, I encourage you to switch it up and channel into a practice that can strengthen your spirit as well as your physique.

A Flowing Discovery
Walking to the F train…there it was, a chalked sign reading, “New Anasura yoga studio opening up.” Hmmm…what is Anasura? Anasura means, “flowing with grace.” This practice is heart-oriented yoga which concentrates on the celebration of following your heart, universal principles of alignment and the beauty of the yoga postures.

I followed the signs down Jay Street towards the water—like Hansel following the trail of breadcrumbs—leading me to Abhaya Yoga Studio. The space had industrial charm, with marbled wood floors, exposed brick beams, wrap around windows with a view of the Manhattan Bridge, fresh cut lavender boutiques, and Buddha statues carefully situated. The studio itself takes on the mood and magic of the days weather, in a story book kind of way. I have witnessed storms and sunsets through its glass exterior.

What to Expect
A typical Anasura yoga class begins with an invocation, a chant to honor the practice (it seemed foreign to me at first but now I hear my voice echoing amongst the class). Followed by a personal reflection or “themed sermon” by the instructor that is always thoughtful, relevant, and often lingers with you long after the class. Then, an hour of a chosen series of flowing poses, concluded with Savasana, a mediation or time of centering in stillness and silence.

There is a celestial specialness to this “studio in the sky.” When I blur out the faint hum of the city, I hear only a unison of peaceful breath like being under the water, the sound when you are snorkeling. Anasura yoga, especially the Abhaya studio unequivocally has given me a more calm airier demeanor.

Growth and Progress
I have noticed improvements in my strength and endurance: holding a handstand for two minutes which once seemed like an impossible task; my posture and flexibility both in and out of class, and I have even gauged progress, as many New Yorkers struggle with a slight neurosis of germs by spotting my yoga partners in a variety of acrobatic positions.

This practice has reminded me that whatever comes our way off the mat we can always return to the most basic and grounding human act: Breathing.

For more information, visit the website on this style of yoga www.anasura.com and Abhaya studio in Dumbo Brooklyn, www.abhayayoga.com (be sure to check out the innovative workshops and Bhava Fridays.

Anasura Yoga in your neighborhood:
Boston: www.yogaboston.com
Los Angeles: www.allstill.com

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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2 Responses to “Anasura Yoga: Exercise and Therapy, All in One Stretch”
  1. Katelyn Lane-Halpern says:

    I love many types of yoga, and am always up to explore new types I hv yet got myself around to trying as I find it to be the perfect combination w/ a run or gym type workout. Stretching your muscles also “elongates” your body and pulls you to hv better posture in turn you appear taller and more confidant! Yoga in all forms has amazing health benefits… Take me along next go around “AB”!

    bisous, KLH 🙂

  2. trying to find you on facebook

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