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A Youthful Glow

I must admit, I have had my fair share of hairdressers. The relationship starts off swimmingly with cheek kisses and smiles until that last dreadful snip or the over oxidized mishap.

East Village Salon

East Village Salon

A Good Find
Luckily, my sassy friend, Elizabeth Cohen introduced me to Marysia Beauty Salon (101 1st Avenue), an obscure Polish-run salon with a Lower East Side “veteran” clientele sprinkled with some downtown fashionistas who recognize talent for a great price. But, during my last visit I got more than a fresh head of highlights and a much needed trim.

Words of Wisdom
Over near the wash sinks I heard this sweet voice say:

“I start my day off with a thirty minute walk before breakfast, always before breakfast though, to ensure a full day of energy. I keep my brain constantly working by reading at least two books at a time. Did I tell you that I am fascinated with the mind, I am taking classes on psychology at NYU? I dress for myself, it is important to look good for you. I have lived here for a long time but when I roam around this city I find something new everyday. Oh, I am turning 100 next week.”

Against instruction, I turned my head to catch a glimpse of this spitfire. And there she was, a petite lady sporting a vintage red flannel loosely tucked into gloomy-grey cargos (I would have snatched the pants if they were in my sister’s closet), and chocolate brown slouched boots. She was adorable…A perfect picture of winter urban chic.

Perhaps, her words were a bit of a tangent to others but to me they were a shot of daily inspiration, like a cleverly written self-helper.

An Old Soul
Maybe I have a soft spot for wisdom wrapped up in a wrinkle…

Some of my best nights have been spent with my 90-year-old Mom-mom and pop-pop…For community service I did opt to volunteer at a local nursing home orchestrating wheelchair bowling and giving manicures. And I did befriend and become pen pals with an eccentric 85-year-old named Ester Lester on a weekend getaway to Chicago during college.

Whatever the reason, that day in the salon, the century-old woman left me with a renewed sense of optimism and ironically exuded a youthful glow.

The optomistic 100-year-old

The optimistic 100-year-old

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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4 Responses to “A Youthful Glow”
  1. Katelyn Lane-Halpern says:

    That is a great story! What a fabulous women, I believe when you referred to her as a “spitfire,” that covered her entire life I am sure, as to be that optimistic and motivated at 100 is someone I wld put on my list to inspire to be like.
    LOVE the story and thanks for the tip (your hair always looks amazing), going to give it a try…


  2. A- My grandpda is 101. Maybe they could you know, get together for some kasha varnagas and borscht……or something.

    loved the piece.


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