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Beating the Winter “Blahs”

I must admit, as a daydreamer, fleeing to Antigua to open a beach bar named Munz’s has crossed my mind, nonetheless, it is not happening anytime soon. So, to support the popular phrase, “if you can’t beat them, or in this case IT, join them…”

East coast urban winters are brutal.  Especially in the last leg of the season. Remember the surprise colossal storm in April of 2003? Perhaps, I might offer a few tips to soften the bite.

Stick ‘em
Toe warmers aren’t just for the slopes. I decided early on this winter, well fall, I wasn’t going to endure another New York frigid season without some serious combat. So, I ordered a jumbo box of toe warmers from Amazon and stick them to my socks as one of my morning routines.  Thanks to the good fortune of genetics I have terrible circulation in my hands and feet causing permanent tingling when the temperature drops lower than 50, fine maybe 40. These little packets of heavenly heat have made all the difference. My toes feel warm and toasty and thankfully don’t resemble mini frozen pigs in the blanket.

Game Night

Game Night

Back to the Basics
Head to The Compleat Strategist and pick up a few classic board games or some new additions. Whip up a kettle of chili or, less aggressively, throw together an artisinal spread, and invite your eager crew to join in Game Night festivities.

We had our friend’s Mel and Sam over and before you know it our curses about the icy cold sleet turned into gleeful shouts of “Hijack…no robber,” guessing answers to a competitive game of Taboo.

Get out.  Bring the Times, wear your finest pajamas—Just go. Mixing up your surroundings in this sometimes dulling season can make you feel a little more human and less like a bear in hibernation.

A new favorite find of mine is Black Mountain Winehouse. They serve up deliciously rustic comfort food like Black Mountain Mac n’ Cheese Wild Mushrooms, Gruyere & Truffle Oil and House Panini, Mortadella, Polish Bacon & Emmenthaler with Quince Aioli & Hot Peppers.  I almost feel like I am on vacation when I snag the table next to the roaring fireplace.

Dancing at Home

dancing at Home

I wasn’t going to include this suggestion until it proved to be a total mood enhancer.  To bring in the weekend, we uncorked a bottle of Pine Ridge Cabernet and started to dance.

From Ray LaMontagne to Robin Thicke, and Black Eyed Peas to Chet Baker, we twisted and shimmyed through the bottle of vino which led to a few in-sync dance routines.

Four hours later I had worked up a mighty groove and, a sweat. If it is too frigid to hit the gym in the morning, try hitting your “dance floor” at home in the evening.

How do you beat the winter blahs? Please send any suggestions that you have to beat the winter blahs. We all need them!

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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4 Responses to “Beating the Winter “Blahs””
  1. I have two left feet, but I’ll try dancing when no one is looking. Just don’t tell anybody 🙂

    My two favorite ways to beat the winter blahs are a hot cup of carob milk or a bowl of homemade soup. They really hit the spot.

  2. Katelyn Lane-Halpern says:

    LOVE the dancing at home! It really is a mood enhancer. It’s not something ya do all the time, but after a few bottles of wine and a few friends over, it can be hilarious (next morning you wake up laughing at the one person , because there’s always that one that starts the electric slide)…

    xoxo, KLH

  3. Katelyn Lane-Halpern says:

    Question, being on the slopes I use the “toe warmers”, but I put a thin sock on then the toe warmers then heavy sport ski socks (they can burn when on the skin directly no? just curious as I am deff going to use that for snowy/slushy boot days (can’t double sock in fancy boots, only in my Hunters or serious Snow boots) where your toes and hands are freezing (hence living in Tribeca “where the winds come sweeping down the planes”, so cold in the winter downtown!)

    xoxo’s, KLH 🙂


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