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Tastemakers: Abhaya Yoga Studio

I recently had a chance to sit down with Tara Glazier, co-founder of the Abhaya Yoga Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. What I enjoy most about her style is that she incorporates a narrative in her classes, weaving in the history and background of the Yoga teachings into each session….

I was surprised to learn that one of the biggest “Miracles” she experienced is how the Abhaya Studio came to be.

A business plan was created on a paper napkin during a Costa Rician retreat with a few yogi friends. Three months later the studio was conceptualized, a space was found and her dream became a living reality.

I was curious what ignited her passion for Yoga.

As a professional dancer she came across a yoga festival which sparked her interest. After steady auditions and a rigorous schedule, yoga provided a time for self progress and inner attention. Anasura yoga adds a calming and internal optimal flow that fuels her lifestyle on and off the mat.

This website’s focus is on discovery and seeking out what makes you tick therefore, I was interested in what sparks Tara.

Ballet, Salsa, the beats and movement of music and how dance performing speaks to her with meaning and fulfillment. She loves the internal exploration of life, not only the answers or checking things off her list but rather the experiences and knowledge the journey provides. She views life as an infinite possibly.

Thank you Tara.

I am looking forward to next week’s Tastemaker, One on One.





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